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Where can I get the album, dude??

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We have received a lot of questions about how to get a physical copy of the album. Well I am here to answer your questions!! Oh, and, in case you wanted to know….the record has killer artwork & a poster inside with the “Turley Shield” on one side and all of the album’s lyrics on the other.

1. You can go to the Gridiron Record’s online store (click here). There you can put together a nice little package that may include some hats, shirts, stickers and posters. Also, we have been known to throw in a lot of extra stuff in these orders. Just ask any of our previous online customers.

2. Amazon.com (clicky here)

And, as always, you can download the album on iTunes and Amazonmp3 as well.

Thank you very much for all of your continued support! We are an independent label and appreciate each sale more than you know!!!!



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