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Update from the Road – Part 4

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There’s something about driving through Western Washington and listening to Johnny Cash that keeps the mind reeling. With all the beautifully desolate and stark rolling hills and tumbleweeds paired with the voice of God, you would tend to reflect a bit more on this “life on the road”. While Johnny continues to speak to us from beyond the grave, The Turley Band is rolling through our last week of the Hank III tour. And we’d be lying if we said we wanted it to stop. But before we reach the end and all that stuff, we gotta think about just what the past few shows had given us, as we peel ourselves from the Western Coastline.

San Francisco is a jeweled lady. A beautiful port city full of diversified people and music. Fog, trolleys, The Haight, Chinatown, amazing food, The Wharf….the list goes on and on. The Regency Ballroom is a beauty in itself. A sprawling room with giant chandeliers, golden balconies, polished wooden floors. Soundcheck proved to us that that this was, indeed, a one of a kind room which, inherently, would produce a great Turley/Hank III show. Another capacity show waited in the Ballroom. The energy had been building. As the lights went out, voices cheered and the organ began it haunting moan as “Another Whiskey” fired up. Song after song produced tremendous reactions from the Turley “rookies”. Fans were made. Albums were sold. Tom Waits was spotted in the house. Lets leave Frisco on that note!!

Humbolt, CA. Were we there at all? We don’t remember! We think we were….but we’re not so sure. Let us know. Kinda foggy!
Portland, OR. Roseland Ballroom. What’s with all the ballrooms out west? Portland is a beautiful city of giant evergreen trees and sprawling mountains. Roseland is an amazing and legendary venue. The sound is unreal. The crew great. We met alot of fine people and made alot of great fans there. Some of the best sound, to date, on this tour. Both Turley and Hank III slayed the overcrowded SOLD OUT venue. We can only dream of coming back to Roseland. A+ . Blue Ribbon. Top Notch…TOP NOTCH!!

After Portland, and a small bus repair, we muscled it back south to a smaller, Eugene, OR show at WOW HAll. WOW was a smaller corner church at one time. Now it houses a small stage inside a community-center type room. Bar downstairs. Strangely colored paintings and art hung on the walls. One of the more unique shows played, Eugene was, again, SOLD OUT! We almost broke record album sales. You never know about a gig. Each one is its own entity. The band was basically playing on top of each other as the stage was cramped with monitors, pedal boards and cables. The closeness must have been a blessing in disguise as Eugene was a barn burner. Weird little town. Great Big Show.

Then there’s Seattle, WA. With enough time to hang out before the gig, Turley Band ambled through downtown Seattle toward the Space Needle. A visit to the Experience Music/Science Fiction museum gave us a good spark to think about the nights oncoming set. A Jimi Hendrix exhibit was just the remedy for a travelling musicians road blues. A reminder of the greats before. A testament to the power of music. A host of Seattle favs were blared through the bus’ sound system to pump us up for the show. Soundgarden, Alice and Chains. The Northwestern greats! The Showbox probably had the MOST professional sound and stage crew we have dealt with on this tour. And once again, the bar was raised and now, Seattle proved to be the BEST SHOW YET!! We met some amazing people in Seatlle and can only hope to get back soon. Real Soon. Until the next day off…we’re gonna stay 3 shades of black!

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