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Update From The Road – Part 3

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What day is it? Who cares!!? Turley Band has rolled into San Fransisco for a well fought for day off. We work hard, we play hard. And speaking of work…we just came off a good run of amazing shows. Simply put, they are the best of the tour. Period.

Tempe, Arizona not only is beautiful in its vast red mountainous landscapes and amazing downtown/campus sprawl. It also hosts one hell of a music scene.

The Marquee was wide open and ready for both bands (Turley/Hank III) to set up on the gigantic stage and fill the room with crunchy bass laden honky tonkin’ metal up your ass riffage. Once again, the venue was near capacity. And the mix of folks that come to see the show are never a dull thing to behold. Turley Band was well rested from the previous day off and took the stage in full sonic force. Matt Heasley’s grinding organ beneath the blackness really sets the mood for the show opener. As the rest of the band slowly crept on stage the crowd welcomed the rookies with screams and howls till Brad snaps the sticks and the full rock blows up as the lights explode. Its a unique feeling we, as a band, NEVER will take for granted. As per usual, the rest of the set set the mood for the rest of the night. Tempe was a gracious lady. We will be back!!

On a side note, but not at all a minor one. Let it be known that Turley Band watches Hank III Damn Band/Assjack every single night. True Story. And how lucky we are to witness the legends do it over and over again. This has to be the hardest working band ever. Blood, sweat and no tears.

Next up was the west coast! Finally!! And what better way to initiate the Golden Coast then selling out the LEGENDARY ROXY!!!!!! L.A. at the Sunset Strip was good to the Turley Band. Never have we EVER been in such a crazy environment of music, fashion, madness, ups, downs, craziness and wonderment. L.A. lived up to its status. Surrounded by The Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Viper Room, The Rainbow, blah blah….what else would you expect but a barn burner? Thats what L.A. got. See ya!

San Diego, CA. A Turley hometown favorite. What a gorgeous city. 4th & B gave the bands an amazing stage and room to throw down some intense music. The line just to get in the venue wrapped around the block farther than we could see. Turley band got the crowd hot and bothered and ready for Hank III. San Diego got so wild, in fact, that Kyle Turley himself had to act as head bouncer, ON STAGE, as numerous head bangers and rowdy wranglers jumped up to get a piece of the band. Quick as a snake, Kyle would rush over, man-handle the culprit, then ditch em off to the side of the stage….safely! San Diego represented with madness and blood. Our kind of show….

Santa Cruz was next. Home of the fabled boardwalk from “The Lost Boys”, how could the evening NOT be a new experience. The Catalyst is a legendary venue. And its huge. Word was that the crowd could get pretty rowdy in this beautiful beach city. Looking around, hippies mixed with Hell’s Angels and bootleggers. More blood than San Diego, Santa Cruz kept spitting people out of the venue like clowns from a Shriner car. Turley reached a new level of intensity. The live show has created and atmosphere all it’s own. It’s unique and and growing. This ain’t no ordinary band. Santa Cruz took care of the Southern Boys (both Turley and Hank III) and we thank y’all!

San Jose!!! San Jose!!! San Jose!!! SOLD OUT!!!!!! Voodoo Lounge. Intimate. Rowdy. Smaller stage. Sweat. Big Rob’s chains. Brad’s kick. JRok’s sizzles. Heasley’s grind. Turley’s menacing growls. Nuff said.

As of now, the band is enjoying a few days in San Fransisco and getting ready to fire up the locomotive again for the next run. The train is a rollin’. Get on board, or get left in the smoke!!!!!!

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  • Think we just passed you guys outside of Portland. Good luck from one band on the road to another!

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