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Update from The Road Part 2

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Whoah! As we here in the Turley camp roll through the second week of rocking, debauchery, mayhem, pandemonium and plain old face-melting, we have to take a second and reflect on the past few shows. Last we left you, we had just laid waste to Austin, TX and left all the hipsters wondering just what the hell happened.

We were a bit sad leaving the “Live Music Capital of the World”. But, we knew the bus had to roll on to Ft. Worth where we heard the show was SOLD OUT, again.! The Ridglea Theater not only is a beautiful place (as is Ft. Worth), but the crowd proved to be the best yet! The energy in the venue got both camps ripe for an intense evening. A new Gibson J-200 had just been inserted into our sound arsenal, and the beautifully classic acoustic was the perfect addition to the underbelly of throbbing bass, smacking drums, swirling organ and sizzling lead guitar!! Nothing but love for Ft. Worth. And thats from Turley Band AND Hank III!!!

Next up was Amarillo, TX. What can anyone say about Amarillo? The weather turned colder, and the landscape bleaker. We set up camp at the Midnight Rodeo, a typical TX dance hall, and all wondered just what may happen inside the old wooden dusty dancehall. Mostly a mix of cowboys and punks, what seemed a smaller show turned into a monster show from both bands. Amarillo was no easy win, but Turley band showed its teeth and the crowed welcomed the band with great enthusiasm (and killer album sales!!) Thanks Amarillo!!

Driving through New Mexico is an amazing thing. Canyons and red stone awash with rolling tumbleweeds and haunting Native American thoughts help a band get in the mood to write music and play killer shows. Albuquerque, NM has got to be one of the most beautiful cities around. And the Sunshine Theater was no slouch, either. Another total rock experience was delivered and the crowd was won over! Turley Band left the stage realizing that the path we are on is the correct one and upward is where we are going. Stay beautiful, Albuquerque!

Window Rock, New Mexico. Navajo Reservation. Our own sound system. Horses and dogs. Dust. Lots of dust. No booze (well, on the bus only). Good Mutten stew. A stage inside a giant shed. Put all this together and you get one strange and dark show. The most unique experience yet. And one well worth taking. We are still coughing up dust balls from our throats!

As this is being typed, we here on the bus realize the the album “Anger Management” is at #92 on the top 100 country charts “Top Country” on iTunes!!! Keep it rolling people. We couldn’t be happier. We are just getting to California and are so pumped about these upcoming shows, e are about to kick something. Energy is rising. The rock is getting meaner. Turley Band is fast becoming a JUGGERNAUT!! Look out!!!


  • Considering Amarillo history with Brian Deneke, a concert with punks and cowboys is nothing short of a miracle. Goes to show, great music can bring anyone together. Great performance!

  • Hello to Kyle and the band from the Who Dat Nation! Love reading about your appearances and travels. Sounds like you are “rocking the house” where ever you go.
    Watch out California!

  • DK Stephens
    Mar 24, 2010

    Isaw ya’ll at Ft.Worth.it was one hell of a show.I was very impressed by ya’lls music and energy.Seen ya’ll on youtube abd justice was not done there. Keep it up and hope to see ya’ll again soon.

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