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The Hairbrain Scheme

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We’re extremely excited that our 4th release to the public is The Hairbrain Scheme’s self titled album. Hairbrain joined the Gridiron Records roster in 2006 and decimated stages all over the West Coast, leaving some very happy fans in its wake. Long story short, the band broke up, but what they’ve left behind is a testament to an unforgettable moment in history for us to release to fans everywhere! Enjoy….The Hairbrain Scheme.

The album is available on iTunes and AmazonMP3.

If you’re thinking that you can put The Hairbrain Scheme into one musical genre, you’re wrong. In fact, this band from San Fransisco wouldn’t fit into any knownThe Hairbrain Scheme combination of musical genres. What The Hairbrain Scheme does is more complex than that. Their songs transcend musical experimentation into a cohesive amalgamation of what music truly means to them. And the result is an album that is so much more than the sum of its parts. For the band, the album was never about being high minded; it was just about making something damn enjoyable to listen to. And when you hear it you will experience each song as not just a pop rock track, but a complete musical event unto itself.

The Hairbrain SchemeThese songs lend themselves to supporting visual argument like few others can. They’re commercial without being counterfeit and disingenuous. They tap into the real soundtrack of our lives. These are the songs that live in the sunshine from a band that thrives in the dark.

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  • Will this be available on actual CD?

  • For right now, it is only a digital release.


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