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Thanks to everyone who bought the album on iTunes, Amazonmp3,, in stores, on and at the shows! We have been blown away by the response! We have stayed in the top 100 Country Albums on iTunes for the past 2 weeks AS WELL AS “making the Billboard Charts.” ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS!! Kyle is playing an acoustic set @ a Best Buy in Oregon right now and is planning on destroying the stage with Hank III again tonight. Look for more updates soon…

Thank you for the great response on the video as well!

Much Love,

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  • Kyle and the Boys came through Oregon last week.

    As a former music promoter let me say I was pleasantly surprised. The music is really great. Underlying all are songs written from the heart. This is something that new artists lack in the America we live in. If people listen they will hear an American crying out to his countrymen… a virtual voice in the wilderness. Many people at the show felt this was a headline act and beyond his football successes I believe he is doing what God meant for him to do all along… or maybe it was the devil. Well Talent is talent and he and his band have it.

    I loved it and can not wait to see what they do in the future! Keep on rockin boys.

    Dirk, Darcey, Kord, Konner, and Kole Knudsen
    Portland, Oregon

  • You guys kicked ass in Eugene also. Picked up your CD at the show been jamming it ever since. I’ll definitely be at the next one, come back to the northwest anytime.

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