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Nashville – Where Not ALL Charities Are Welcome

Today at the Titan’s Stadium parking lot, Kyle Turley was evicted and shut down for trying to play music outside his tour bus. Parking officials cited “Live Music” as a big no-no for tail gaiting. Really? Since when? Are there new Homeland Security rules on having fun outside the games before we get the TSA pat downs to go in? Obviously, guys with musical instruments are terrorists – just ask Gibson.

And what about the Music City itself? Since this was not a charity event sponsored by record companies or major corporations, did Nashville give the snub to Turley? It’s possible. In a city that desperately hides a very seedy truth behind a sparkling façade of plastic surgery and hair plugs under cowboy hats, it is certainly likely. The truth is that there is very little variety in Nashville – and that’s for a reason.

Despite all that, I know that Kyle Turley won’t give up. The man’s a bull. You can shut down one show – or hell, you could try to shut them all down. But you won’t stop Kyle Turley. No government or corporation will. Rock on, Kyle Turley, Rock on!!!!

Danan W. – Gridiron Records Promotions Manager


  • Stephanie
    Sep 18, 2011

    The KTB will rise against this stupid action from Music City. We down here in the Big Easy appreciate everything he has done for us and we will continue to support anything that KTB does. Rock on brother! Rock on! \„/

    –Stephanie Stewart
    Street Team Coordinator for Gridiron Records

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