Notes From The Road: NOLA ROCKS |

Notes From The Road: NOLA ROCKS

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What would make Turley Band want to drive 9 hours each way to a show to play 4 songs? Could it be the chance to eat way too many Wendy’s burgers at an Alabama truck stop? Surprisingly, no. The reason was NOLA Rocks, a charity event in New Orleans that raised money for The Greater New Orleans Entertainment Foundation with bands like the Molly Ringwalds and Bag O’ Donuts, along with Michael Baptiste and many, many more.

The event took place at Generations Hall (otherwise known as The Metro if you’re a Yat, brah). And yes, the dance hall in the front was full of Metry’s finest. As Turley fan, Stephanie Stewart, wrote on his Facebook wall: “Leave it up to you to say exactly what I was thinking about that “techno” crap going on in the other room. They had duck-face photo sessions going on in the women’s bathroom with their jersey shore boyfriends hanging outside. Screw that shit! Thank you SO much for keeping it real as always! You guys did great!!! \,,/ Rock on!”

Turley Band did indeed rock it out on Saturday night. It was so worth wading through the sea of a thousand “duck faces” who were all wearing minor variations of the same dress, and tanned, gelled “brahs” just to hear those four songs. I managed to get a few good pics, but the best of the night came from event promoter, Jan Abraham (see below).

“I’d like to say that besides the Turley sonic explosion, the highlight of the night might have been getting white face paint stuck in my hair when ‘Gene Simmons’ of Bag O’ Donuts gave me a big hug, but really, nothing can compare to what happened to Turley Band in the alley behind the club after the show. As the guys loaded gear in the truck, a gang of midget drag queens attacked! Luckily, drummer Joe Fazzio dispatched them mightily with his killer Ninja skills. Just another typical night on the road with Turley Band – or at least that’s how I remember it.”


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