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Kyle Turley is a no-nonsense workingman’s bard.

Turley comes by his hard-driving, down-to-earth southern rock honestly: He was raised on a cattle ranch and then spent 10 years in the National Football League.

And so Turley and his four-member band accomplished what all opening acts are supposed to do but which many often fail at, which is to get the crowd ready for the main attraction, in this case Hank Williams III.

Hank III was greeted by screaming, yelling and whistling fans – just like Turley and his band left them.

Turley opened with a loud southern rocker he wrote, “Another Whiskey,” which drew the small but energetic crowd to the front of stage. Outside Nakai Hall, people started lining up at the door to pay their $25.

With each song, the crowd got more energized, moving to the beat, yelling, screaming, whistling and stretching their arms into the air in a “devil’s horns” salute.

The crowd couldn’t have numbered more than 100, but Turley and his band played like it was a stadium full of thousands. He repeatedly thanked those who turned out for coming to the show.

In an interview after the show, he said that he learned from Hank III that all good bands begin with a small following but that the small fan base must be treated with respect.

“I’m his student,” Turley said with unabashed pride.

He explained that he met Hank III backstage at a concert through a mutual friend.

“And here we are – watching and learning from the best,” he said.

This is Turley’s first tour. He also recently released his first recording, “Anger Management.”

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