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Kyle Turley’s Indiegogo Campaign is officially LAUNCHED

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Getting new music heard is harder then ever, and I need your help!  In order to get my new project out to the masses, we’ve put together a marketing budget, and hopefully I have put together enough cool incentives for you to join in.

We’ll be using the money for things like, radio promotion, public relations, online marketing campaigns, and tour support. I hope to hit every major market to bring my music to you!  You won’t meet anyone that works harder then me, and I will put this money to good use.

You won’t just be supporting me, you’ll be helping the charities I have worked closely with over the past several years.  Everything I do is to create awareness for issues that are dear to me, especially those who suffer from the effects of brain trauma.  Whether you are former athlete or military, there is an epidemic in this country that is affecting not only the lives of those inflicted, but their families around them.  It’s my mission to create awareness and education about these issues, giving back to our soldiers, providing for retired athletes, and educating our youth leagues to make sports safer.  Some of these great organizations include, Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF), The Kevin Turner Foundation, Team Gleason, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Sports Legacy Institute.

One charity in particular, the GGAF, is partnering with me on this campaign as well as the upcoming fall tour. It’s leader, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, my former coach, and KTB are going to help former NFL players in dire need. The former players who built the most popular game in our country got paid a fraction of what players get now and most are suffering from brain trauma and failing bodies with no insurance. 10% of every perk bought will be donated to this great orginization. Check back for the release of the tour schedule!  

Recently, a number of former and current players, including me, were followed by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon highlighting this subject.  It’s a pretty incredible film that I think every sports fan should see.  He captured interviews from every one around the game including Bob Costas, Jim Brown, James Harrison, myself and many, many others.  It’s included in the “Touchdown” perk.

With that spirit in mind, the title of the new record is appropriately named Skull Shaker.  I wrote every song, covering the battles I personally deal with on a day to day basis.  Each song has deep meaning to me, and I hope it’s something that will move and inspire you too.

So if you like, Southern Rock fused with Metal and Country… I think you’ll dig this record.  So help me get the word out about these great organizations, their mission, and my music!

People might ask; Why don’t you fund it yourself Turley, you made millions? Answer; Listen to my songs & talk to Lehman Bros 😉

But more importantly, I’ve busted my ass over the last decade in the music & entertainment biz & nothing ever succeeds without ‘YOU’ the fans & we need you now more than ever! \,,/

As a thank you for checking out this page, go to and download a free track from my new record!  You can also watch my new video “FREE”.


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