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Former New Orleans Saint’s Kyle Turley now a music man

He was the New Orleans Saints’ seventh draft pick in 1998, a big blond ball of hustle and passion. He emerged as one of the stars of the Jim Haslett era and was selected to the 2000 Pro Bowl. And then.

KyleGuitarAnd then, during a game against the Jets in 2001, defensive lineman Damien Robinson grabbed Aaron Brooks’ face mask at the end of a play and bent his neck back about as far as it could go without snapping.

Offensive linemen don’t like when you do that to their quarterback. Kyle Turley ripped Robinson’s helmet off his head, threw it halfway across the field, gave everybody the finger and got his 15 minutes of fame.

Turley’s magic seemed to run out in New Orleans. He refused a long-term contract in 2003 and went to St. Louis and then Kansas City and then, nagged by several concussions and long-term nerve damage incurred during his 10-year career, he retired, moved to Nashville, Tenn., with his wife and son and set about carving out a new career in music.

Turley is midway through recording his first CD and is coming to Mandeville tonight to show off his chops at the Howlin’ Wolf Northshore. Others on the bill include Peabody and Stateliner. Showtime is 9 p.m. Turley took a minute out this week to talk about transgressions, tribulations, transitions and triumph.

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