Kyle Turley To Appear on the Adam Carolla Podcast - July 31 |

Kyle Appearing on The Adam Carolla Show – July 31st


Kyle will be the special guest on the Internet’s biggest show – The Adam Carolla show on Sunday, July 31st at 8:30 p.m (PST). The show is a Guinness World Record holder as the most downloaded podcast ever. Carolla will be discussing the upcoming tour and new album to be released soon on Gridiron Records.

Of course, Carolla will probably stir the pot of controversy, asking Kyle about troubles with the NFL lockout and the lawsuit that claims the NFL withheld studies on head injuries from the players. Kyle, as you all know, has unfortunately become an expert on brain injuries suffered by football players.

On the show, Kyle will also have an announcement about the official Gridiron Tailgate tour sponsor and give details of dates and locations of this tour. The tour will cover over 80,000 miles and 17 NFL stadiums. This will be the ultimate, must-see for Kyle Turley fans!

Tune into the show to find out more about what’s coming up for Kyle and the band!

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