Kyle Turley performs "I'll Breathe For You" live on TV8 Vail |

“I’ll Breathe For You” from TV8 in Vail, CO

Gridiron News, Media

If you live in Vail, CO…Swing on over to Sandbar tonight and catch the boys on their 2nd to last show on this long road trip!

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  • Buck Rogers
    Apr 13, 2010

    Glad you are having a great time on tour. Awesome.

  • This was Beautiful. The reporter seems quite taken with the big fella. I can not imagine why…. such a great song.

  • I now have a new favorite singer!!! Super songwriter and awesome Rocking performance band!!! saw you in Portland with our 10 yr old boy Kole who played football 3 yrs. Stopping now to learn how to play the guitar(electric) Rock on but don’t throw any more helmets! Ha ha! One of my 3 offensive and defensive linemen football players also got in trouble for throwing his helmet in youth football. Luckily for him it was after the game but was for the same reason as you Kyle. He still protects his buddies and always will! But he learned early, age 9 maybe , not to throw helmets.

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