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Hello Nashville Gab Fans!!!

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This page was created especially for you. Listen to his music, check out his videos and see if he is coming to a city near you. If you like what you hear, and we know you will, grab a copy of his album from iTunes. It’s only $7.99!

Kyle Turley Bio
When you see Kyle Turley singing up on stage, you’re seeing the skateboarder and surfer from Southern California and the NFL warrior who battled on the football field. You’re seeing a guy who made good every chance he got – even when it seemed the whole world was against him.
Turley’s first album, Anger Management, bears witness to those times. His songs come from the passion he still feels for the game and its players; but it’s more than just that. His songs are full of raw and intense emotion. They’re real. They’re unapologetic. They tell the story of that warrior who wants to get back to the stadium – but this time with guitars in hand instead of helmets.
The games may change, but Kyle Turley doesn’t. He’s the same guy who fights for injured and retired NFL players, the same guy who writes songs about the bad guys and the heroes. He’s the guy who stands up for what he believes. Kyle Turley’s not going to stop. He doesn’t know how to.

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