Funniest review title so far: Kyle Turley – This Jock Can Rock!

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Kyle Turley – This Jock Can Rock!

Posted by Patrick Curl on March 8th, 2010 at 1:33 am

Hooking up with cheerleaders, throwing nerds in dumpsters, barely getting by in school, lacking of any talent other than football.

These are the stereotypical images of Jocks that we see in shows like Glee.

Now I can’t vouch for depositing nerdy teens in dumpsters, but one thing is certain – Kyle Turley has broken away from this stereotype, with the release of Anger Management, his new breathtaking album launching this Tuesday. In Anger Management, Kyle Turley shows that he’s not just a boring jock with no talent beyond the football field. He’s a Jock that can ROCK!

Whether you’re a Saints fan or not, his moving song “My Soul Bleeds Black and Gold” is a striking tribute to the hard hit community that survived one of the worst natural disasters in modern memory.

Kyle Turley definitely makes an exciting new addition to the Country Rock scene joining the likes of Hank Williams Jr and many others. Listen to “My Soul Bleeds Black and Gold” below, or via the youtube link. You can also find more great music by Kyle Turley via his myspace page, or his record company You can also follow him @KyleTurley on Twitter.

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