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Do You Want To Host a Show On The ‘Roll To The Bowl 2 Tour’?

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Do you want to throw the party of the century in your town? Do you want to be the American version of this guy? —>

This is your chance to host the party of a lifetime at your house/bar/club house/hall/farm house/jail house… Kyle is looking for more spots to play on his Roll To The Bowl 2 Tour, and this time he wants to bring the show directly to you.

So if you are down, we are ready!!

Kyle explains a little more below:

Alright y’all, who wants to throw a good ol house party?…It’s time for the 2nd annual ‘Roll to the Bowl’ tour, where we (The KTB) make our way to the Super Bowl play’n shows at your favorite rock bars & honky tonks. This year we’re gonna try someth’n different! We’re gonna see who the ‘real’ party animals are & add house parties to our stops…Are ‘YOU’ ready to ROCK your House?…Buy-in is $1500 (that’s $15 for you & 99 of your friends), you must have parking for a tour bus & a case of beer for the boyz, outside of that all we need are outlets to plug into & we’ll git to Rock’n!!…The tour starts January 6th in KC & ends in Big ‘D’ (aka Dallas)…2 Super Bowl tickets are up for grabs, so book yours today!!…All ‘serious’ inquiries email us at [email protected] – KT

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