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Kyle Turley

Kyle Turley

Tim Pickett

Tim Pickett

Kyle Turley and Tim Pickett started Gridiron Records in 2006 with the intention of supporting all genres of indie music. Not only is Kyle Turley’s band on the current roster of Gridiron, but there are several other bands here as well. At Gridiron, we are committed to producing music we know you’ll enjoy and we appreciate the support of our friends over these past years. Check out our bands: Turley, Delta Doom, The Hairbrain Scheme, Unset, and Invitro. We would love to get your feedback on our ever widening musical spectrum.




Public Relations:

Patrick Musumeche

Patrick is a music journalist, publicist, and musician manager based out of Louisiana. With his addiction for “Live Music”, he attends over 150 concerts each year. As a contributor to the online web-zine ““, he has interviewed 200+ bands, while meeting some of the most influential musicians of our time. He is the owner of PM Star Promotions, and is able to manage and promote musical artists using album and tour support, effectively bringing their musical talent to the masses. “Bleeding Black and Gold since 1977!”


Street Team Coordinator:

Stephanie Stewart

Stephanie Stewart is a Stage Designer/Scenic Artist/Bartender with a hardcore passion for music. A New Orleans native and Saints fan, Stephanie shares Gridiron Record’s passion for the love of the game and music.

You will find her at various music and heritage festivals spreading the Gridiron Records love.



Promotions Manager:

Danan Whiddon

Danan Whiddon is a writer and college English instructor whose published works include personal poetry, music reviews, and articles. She is currently writing the authorized biography of Mike IX Williams (lead singer of eyehategod) and a book on feminist philosophy. Her research interests include metal music, feminist theory, and Shakespeare.

She has written for HouseCore Records, Nocturnal Records, Balance Productions, TAI Media, as well as other media and consulting companies. In her spare time, Danan enjoys riding her horse, Chico Bandito. She is also a student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, in which she is currently working at Level 1.

Danan works as a writer, editor, and promotions manager for Gridiron Records.



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