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Another Whiskey – The Video

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  • jszdunedin
    Apr 2, 2010

    I liked it!
    I never liked this guy as a player but as a musican – he is straight on kick-azzz good!

  • Loved it! Absolutely loved it!

  • Wow, Kyle is actually pretty talented.

  • i liked his toughness as a player and wish there were many more like him, but this was a great song and i hope he does well. Iliked it a lot.

  • thomas
    Apr 2, 2010

    Shockingly good, I was totally floored while listening to this.

  • Kyle Rocks!

  • Kickass song i loved it. And truely miss seeing you play the game man. One of my favorite memories of seeing you play is when you riped that guys helmet off. More players could benefit from an attitude like that. Seems like not that many ppl play with that intensity that your brought to the game. Your truly missed brother.

  • whats with the long haired head banging dude? you’re playing country not metallica. that being said, it is pretty damn good, and this is coming from somebody who does not usually like country. at all.

  • Was the guy with the dogs former player, Jon Ritchie?

  • In our day it was called HillBilly ROCK sounds great

  • I agree, Turley really rocks.

    I hate that he left the Rams like he did, the way he was pushed out.

  • Jody T
    Apr 3, 2010

    You that was pretty good, i think i would like to hear some more from Mr Turley. Wonder if he plans on heading down under?

  • I guess I’m not surprised that one of the baddest fuckers to ever wear a Saints uniform turns out to be a bad-ass musician as well. Loved your style on the field; love your style off of it as well. Thanks for both!

  • I don’t normally like country, but this is pretty good. Would like to hear more.

  • sounds like modern day lynard synard to me, great
    song can’t wait to hear the rest of it!

  • super B
    Apr 3, 2010

    surprisingly good for a jock…hell as they say in the NFL My hats off to you

  • Roger R.
    Apr 3, 2010

    One of my favorite SAINTS. His passion obviously goes well beyond football. Love the song and can’t wait to hear more.

  • Not to bad for a 3 chord progression.

  • Straight up kicks ass stuff! Awesome player, full-tilt all the time. Keep knockin’ heads, Kyle! You are awesome, bro…

  • Who Dat rockin dat stage? WHO DAT?? WHO DAT??? Kyle you could probably sell out alota shows down here in south Louisiana. You know how we do it!

  • Back when I was Germany I wrote a song called Turley Bird gets the Worm when I was jamming in a metal band, was a cool Jump in the Fire type riff. Really liked Turley’s outspokeness on the Metal genre and style of football play.

    Power country sounded strange but being a metal head thet grew up in rural east Texas, and hearing this song, I like it.

    More power to you to you T, safe travels and continued prosperity.-Callaway

  • FTWanderer
    Apr 3, 2010

    Turley sounds like a tenor Mark Lanagan was crossbred with Metallica. Nice sound, nice edge, lyrically great concepts, just misses the right word combos by a touch.

  • Sounds like Danzig to me…

  • T Dixon
    Apr 4, 2010

    Any of you leaving comments listen to some of the other Turley songs over to the right? Pretty good stuff. And I know a lot of you think he sounds like this guy or that guy….but listen to Final Drive, or With the Devil, and tell me you don’t hear a little Chris Ledoux in his music. Yep…Turley is country.

  • I went to school with Kyle and miss the OLD 909. Now its just trash moving in.

  • […] we know a guy. Kyle Turley was a certified bad ass on the football field, currently he’s a bad ass on the stage, and a friend-of-the-site. We reached out for a comment on what he thought about this whole […]

  • I really love all the songs they really do say what some guys go through to make a buck. Great song Turley band….

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