Kyle Turley Releases 10 Year Anniversary Throwback Hat |

10 Year Anniversary “Throwback” Hat – AVAILABLE NOW!

Gridiron News

The wait is over.  The coolest hat you will ever own is now available to purchase through the Gridiron Store.  Click HERE to get the hat.


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  • NolaCholla
    Jan 18, 2012

    Yeah! Tomato Festival in Chalmette!!!! BOO-YA!

    Sweet hat! I’m on that! My request: 3XL hoodies and shirts!

  • Um did you get a bowl of soup with that hat???

  • Steve Korte
    Jan 21, 2012

    Kyle, Great to see one of my brethren doing great things post -insanity (league)…I live in Covington, when you get around the area, hit me with an e-mail…FYI..Brock and Hokie and Several other Saints are going to do a Fishing tournament I think first week of May…Grand Isle..2nd year was a great time and fun people….

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